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LEXUS Kazakhstan
Brand Ambassador
Honored Statesman of the Republic of Kazakhstan
"Best Actor" Award. Richmond International Film Festival 2019
"Best Actor of Movie & Theater"
Classic (MKTO Classic cover) - Sanjar Madi
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Ertostik OST (from Kinoconcert) - Sanjar Madi feat. Kuralai Anarbek
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     Sanjar was born on August 4, 1986, in Almaty, Kazakhstan in an ordinary family. His mother is a teacher and his father is a writer. 

At school, he took part in the performances, composed songs, painted, and took up dancing classes. When it was time to go to University, he first decided to get an education in Economics. After three years of studying, he decided to get the training at the Bank of the Netherlands branch in Kazakhstan. He started his job as a clerk and soon became a Business Relationship Manager. Then he continued his education and got a Master's Degree in Finance.


Soon he realized that Art is of the main interest to him and entered the theatre department of the local Academy of Arts. For a long time there was no work, and from time to time he did commercials, but it was not enough for a living. A year later, the production studio invited him for a casting. He was offered to try both positive and negative roles as a principal cast. A few months later the shooting started. Sanjar got the principal role of “a good guy” in this film.

He got his next high-profile role in the movie The Tale of a Pink Bunny (Skaz o Rozovom Zaitse), where he performed a tycoon's naughty and spoilt son. At the same time, he kept studying filmmaking on his own. In 2010, he directed a Christmas show for the national TV channel; the show was done in a style of the Oscar award ceremony, and according to the various sources, ranked the first - second places in charts. In May 2011 he went to New York Film Academy in Los Angeles to study film directing. In November 2011, he returned to LA to continue studying in acting.


Now he is working all over the world and owns Acting Art Studio and local OINA Theatre.

Personal Information

Height: 182cm (5.97 feet)

Weight: 85kg (187 lbs)

Clothing Size: L (52)

Shoe Size: 9 - 9.5 (42-43)

Hair color: Brunet

Eyes color: Brown






2016 Hollywood Immersive Program, Los Angeles CA


2012 New York Film Academy, Los Angeles CA

Acting for Film


2011 New York Film Academy, Los Angeles CA

Film Director


2007 T. Zhurgenov Kazakh National Art Academy

Theater Director/Mass Show Director


2009-2010 Goethe Institute Almaty

German Language


2007-2008 T. Ryskulov Kazakh Economic University

Financial Management (Master Degree)


2003-2007 Al-Farabi Kazakh National University

Business and Economics (Bachelor Diploma)


1993 - 2003 Linguistic Gymnasium

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